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Mother compensated in $664,000 wrongful death settlement

The mother of a 10-year-old child who received a fatal dose of the wrong prescription medicine reached a $664,000 wrongful death and survival settlement.

In 2010, Tavon McDowell’s mother took him to the emergency room to obtain a new prescription to treat his hyperactivity. Tavon, who suffered from Down’s Syndrome, had taken the same medicine regularly for approximately seven years. A physician who saw Tavon prescribed the incorrect medicine.

When Tavon’s mother realized Tavon was acting differently, she returned to the emergency room and another physician switched to the correct the medication, but failed to examine the child. Tavon died as a result of the interaction between the two drugs.

Richard A. Harpootlian, P.A. brought suit on behalf of Tavon’s mother for wrongful death and survival claims. “While no amount of money can ever compensate a mother for the loss of a child, we’re hopeful this settlement will offer a small amount of comfort to Ms. McDowell and her family during this difficult time,” said Dick Harpootlian.

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